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PHP 4 => MYSQL Server => Apache Web Server => Windows OS
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Apache & PHP installation .txt file
Note: Microsoft SQL installation for Windows 7, need to "run as Administrator".

Tutorials of (defense against) SQL injection attack (external websites)
All injection cheat sheets (starting with MSSQL)

Section 1. PHP the Language
(Textbook: SAMS Teach Yourself PHP in 24 Hours)
PHP01 Building Blocks, Flow (Hour 4, 5)

PHP02 Functions, Arrays, (Hour 6, 7)

PHP03 Forms, Session, Files (Hour 10, 20, 11)

PHP04 Databases MySQL (Hour 13)

PHP05 Database Microsoft SQL for PHP 5.3 or later


:: Section 2 to 4 contains old installation notes (mainly for reference) ::

Section 1. Apache Web Server Installation on Windows 2000/XP OS
Notes on the installation and configuration.

Section 2. Installing PHP for Apache Web Server
Notes on the installation

Section 3. Installing MySQL Database Server
Notes on the installation