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Useful Links for Installation

First App

0. Make sure you have Java (JRE or JDK) installed (refer to my Java page)
1. Install just the Android SDK ... OR the whole android development environment (Eclipse classic IDE, need Java - JRE of JDK)
1a. make sure you unzip the downloaded Android SDK bundle into the directory you what to install the software in
1b. run SDKManager.exe (that's where the software will be in the harddisk)
1c. Tools > Manage AVDs > New ... to create new virtual devce
1d. new virtual device will appear in the virtual device manager window. Select it, click the Start button and click Launch to launch the Android emulator (wait for a long time to see the colourful android phone menu).

2a. Make index.html & .css file (eg001/index.html)
2b. make a .zip file, say
2c. upload zip file to Adobe PhoneGap Build, need to create a Creative Cloud membership (with an adobe id) >> Edge Tools & Services >> PhoneGap Build
2d. receive a android app (eg001.apk)

3. run the android app received, here is how...
3a. find out where sdk/platform-tools is, add the path of it to environment variable in PATH, same as what you did for Java (restart cmd)
3b. start cmd.exe, go to the directory where *.apk file is
3c. adb devices --- check if any device is present
3c. adb install eg001.apk
3d. you see the example under an app... "PG Build App" ... you may need to drag the screen to scroll down